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Sy Smith plans to 1,000 small businesses in Gary, Indiana.

With three jobs inside each new small business, we can get 3,000 people working in our city of less than 80,000. The pipeline to work will begin with children ages five and up.

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Sy Smith believes people are healthier when they can enjoy life.

He also understands that it is very difficult to enjoy yourself when bills are going unpaid and violence is erupting all around. His plan evolves around building a celebratory infrastructure where birthdays, anniversaries, and special days are supported block by block with private funders.



Sy Smith believes learning is a lifelong process.

He has established twenty career industries to ensure that everyone that brings a certain skill set and network to Gary to enhance everyone’s personal and professional development.


University Park 2014

Friends of Sy Smith will be touring University Park from June 1 - 30. The purpose of the tour is to bring twenty career professions to a concentrated territory to “improve the quality of life” for the taxpayers of the community.

Brunswick 2014

Friends of Sy Smith will be touring Brunswick between July 1 -31st. As with each tour, the goal is enhancing the quality of life. Who is the man of the year in Brunswick? Who is the most improved student in Brunswick? After the tour we shall find out.

MidTown 2014

Friends of Sy Smith will be touring Midtown between August 1 -31. This month we will be taking our Gary teenagers to Washington, D.C. Going door to door will allow us to promote the tour and also prepare our teenagers for widespread travel.

"the change gary now campaign"



A plan to invest $100,000.00 now.